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Collaborative research leverages your investment by attracting funding from other sources such as government grants. Discover funding options that may be available to your business. You can also outsource your R&D to us in a contract research arrangement. Once you identify your project objectives, we’ll work to an agreed timeline to deliver the outcome. Whatever the nature of your innovation challenge, we can tailor a program that utilises our expertise, facilities, and technology to find a solution. 

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Our team at Unisearch manage the end-to-end process of selection, vetting, briefing, and reporting, to make it easier, and more reliable, for you to source academic and industry experts.  

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Whether you're a start-up or a more established business, we provide advice and pathways to access leveraged funding for your research project. Schemes include TechVouchers, Innovation Connections, APR.Intern, ARC Linkage and CRC-P.

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We have space available on campus for businesses with shared values and complementary research interests to co-locate in our innovation district. Forge deeper relationships with the university and benefit from exposure to a thriving discovery environment. 

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In the last 7 years, UNSW has invested more than $250M in research infrastructure. Our partners access world-class equipment and custom-built facilities for analytical, testing and development services.  

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UNSW Mentem offers bespoke lifelong learning and continuous skill-building programs that will boost your organisational performance and meet the evolving needs of the future workforce.  

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Our Work Integrated Learning and Employability initiatives are designed to strengthen the job readiness of students and connect you with emerging talent. Showcase your organisation as an employer of choice through industry events, mentoring and internships.  

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We're developing the next generation of research leaders with the skills and expertise to solve real-world problems. Engage a PhD researcher to deliver rapid results on an R&D project during a 3-month internship or explore more in-depth challenges through an industry-engaged research degree. We can connect you to PhD candidates, who will be jointly supervised by a UNSW academic and a manager from your organisation, or you can nominate a talented professional to study at UNSW and experience our world-class research environment first-hand.

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The Scientia Program is designed to attract and retain exceptional researchers by offering funding, professional development, and mentoring support to a special cohort of mid-career academics. Co-fund a Scientia academic to collaborate on your research project and access UNSW's best and brightest.

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We understand how important it is for you to leverage IP in market. When collaborating, we negotiate business-friendly IP terms and have a database of inventions available for commercialisation.

UNSW Founders support Australia’s next generation of entrepreneurs to conceive, launch and grow their start-ups. Our Health 10x and SynBio 10x (synthetic biology) accelerator programs are tailored for high-potential, tech-enabled ventures and include 10 weeks of accelerated learning from industry and start-up experts, a co-working space for 6 months after the program and $20k in seed funding as a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).

Can your business help our founders grow? Become a Perk Partner like Amazon Web Services, Stripe and Twilio and support our startups with access to your products and services at a trial or discounted rate. You can also share your expertise through our Industry In-Residence @ Founders or sponsor us to scale Founders for the future.