Climate & Environment

Areas of expertise

  • Carbon footprint calculation
  • Climate monitoring & modelling
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Computational design for sustainable cities
  • Construction for heat mitigation/climate change
  • Contaminated land remediation
  • Disaster modelling (bushfire & flooding)
  • Earth history
  • Environment law & policy
  • Ethical & equity issues in climate transition
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Indigenous knowledge & custodianship
  • Species conservation
  • Wastewater management


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A multidisciplinary research lab that harnesses the power of immersive technologies to explore complex topics through 3D computer animation, data visualisation and virtual reality (VR) immersive design.

Airborne Remote Sensing Facility

Based at Bankstown Airport, the facility provides remote sensing observation and analysis of airborne lidar and photogrammetry data. The fleet comprises a Diamond DA40 and Piper PA44 fitted with Garman G1000 flight navigation and display systems.

Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station

The only research station in the arid zone of NSW, Fowlers Gap is located 112km north of Broken Hill. Some areas of the site have been continuously monitored for more than 30 years, providing a unique, long-term ecological record. The station carries out research on birds, kangaroos, reptiles, and other flora and fauna, along with management of the arid zone, soil conservation, solar energy, and astronomy.


The iCinema Centre develops AI-based immersive visualisations to model unpredictable scenarios. It facilitates the use of next-gen applications in contemporary art, cultural heritage, digital museology, mine training, environmental and transport simulations.

Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC)

The Centre is made up of 17 labs and facilities, supported by scientific and technical research staff. It allows for the structure and composition of biological, chemical, and physical materials to be studied. MWAC includes a consulting arm that offers a problem-solving service for commercial customers. 

Odour Laboratory

The lab performs chemical characterisation of odours through olfactory-gas chromatography analysis, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, sulphur and nitrogen analysis, and olfactometry analysis. It also has specialist capability to undertake field sampling from area and point source emissions using both flux chamber and wind tunnels.

Smiths Lake Field Station

Located on the shore of Smiths Lake in the Myall Lakes National Park, the station conducts research into coastal and marine ecosystems.

Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS)

A collaboration between UNSW, University of Sydney, Macquarie University and UTS, SIMS infrastructure includes aquariums, research vessels, and labs for cell, molecular, microbiological, field biology and geological studies.

Water Research Laboratory (WRL)

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the WRL spans 4 hectares and is home to groundwater field and survey equipment, chemistry and soil labs, a centrifuge permeameter, UAV/drone surveying equipment, wave flumes, a spillway flume, and a wave basin.

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