Art & Culture

Areas of expertise

  • 3D technology & machine learning
  • AI & immersive storytelling
  • Built environment
  • Creative practice & performance
  • Creativity for health & wellbeing
  • Indigenous knowledge, culture & practice
  • Policy in practice & social transformation
  • Sustainable communities & cities
  • Theatre, performance & dance studios 


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A multidisciplinary research lab that harnesses the power of immersive technologies to explore complex topics through 3D computer animation, data visualisation and virtual reality (VR) immersive design.

Creative Robotics Lab (CRL)

A sister facility to the National Facility for Human-Robot Interaction Research, the CRL advances human-machine interaction through the application of creative practice and the design of novel interfaces.

Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab (CPL)

The CPL encompasses performance and rehearsal spaces, costumes, sets, props, technical equipment, and expertise in all areas of production for live performance and screen arts.


The iCinema Centre develops AI-based immersive visualisations to model unpredictable scenarios. It facilitates the use of next-gen applications in contemporary art, cultural heritage, digital museology, mine training, environmental and transport simulations.

Innovation Hub

An interdisciplinary initiative, the Innovation Hub brings together expertise from across the university to solve problems, respond to opportunities and facilitate positive change. Each year, the Hub undertakes a selection of projects proposed by students, staff, or partners. 

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